Raven Development Services Inc. is a solutions driven construction service company that utilizes the many years of industry experience of the three company principals to provide efficient, on-time and on budget construction services. Specializing in the modular segment of the construction industry, Raven Development Services’ expertise ensures that the benefits of the compressed construction cycle time inherent with modular construction are passed through to the end user. This allows the end user access to the completed project sooner, with less waste, and allows maximization of projected revenues for the project owners.

Project Services

Raven Development Services specializes in permanent and relocateable construction, and offers a variety of services. We offer turnkey solutions for all construction projects.

General Contracting

At Raven we believe in efficiency and simplicity. All construction projects require alot of expertise and coordination of many moving parts, and thats what we are good at!


Through our pre-built, off site construction process we can cut 30%-50% off the construction timeline!

Volumetric and Panelized

Raven is proud to offer turn-key site installation of Ready to Move Homes (RTM), Modular, Pre Fab, Panelized homes and more.

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Construction Services

Raven Development Services Inc. offers years of experience in modular construction solutions. Our team has over 30 years of construction management experience, with a heavy focus on modular construction over the past decades. We provide a variety of services built to streamline the construction process.

Planning & Logistics

Raven Development Services views the project planning and site logistics as an absolute critical key to a successful project. Our approach is consultative, and we work closely with both our clients and the manufacturer/supplier right from the project concept phase. Our experience with manufacturing, transportation and site logistics all play an important part in making the project successful. We understand that each project is unique, and each project requires individual attention to fully realize the inherent benefits of modular construction and realize the benefits to the end user. There is no one boiler plate planning and logistical plan for all projects, and flexibility and experience are required to ensure the best plan for the individual project is applied.




Our team works with owners and designers and manufacturers to evaluate all aspects of the construction project, and minimize the variables that often time hinder efficient site construction. This planning includes manufacturing plant visits to inspect the products prior to shipment, and identifying laydown areas to minimize transport risk. Complete craning plans are developed in conjunction with crane company management that maximizes site efficiency and minimizes crane moves. All modules are carefully staged to ensure that the correct module is assessable when required and eliminate time wasting double handling of modules on site.



Project Management

Attention to detail is the key to a successfully managed project, and Raven Development Services extensive experience in all facets of a modular construction project ensures that detailed and comprehensive management plans are in place well in advance of the start of construction, and are adhered to throughout the project. Sub trades are carefully vetted, with attention paid to their past projects and reliability, as well as to their safety record and performance. Each sub-trade is required to provide copies of their safety manual, proof of their WCB and insurance standing, and undergo a pre-hiring interview wherein their suitability for the project is determined. Safety is a critical component of Project Management, and Raven Development Services requires any sub-trade to maintain exacting safety protocols.



Setup & Commissioning

The past experience of the Raven Development Services team ensures the efficient on-site set up and commissioning of the most complex of structures. In excess of 30 years of experience in all facets of modular construction, from manufacturing, through on-site management, mechanical systems and final fit and finish, to cutting edge electrical and data management systems, the Raven Development Services team ensure seamless and quality driven on-site set-up and commissioning in all type of locations and environments.

Our experienced on-site management team ensures a smooth stream lined process, managing cost, protecting timelines, and diligently controlling quality and safety throughout. The on-site team is specifically tailored to execute the successful setup and final commissioning of the project.



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