About Us

Raven Development Services Inc. offers decades of construction management and hands on construction experience for both permanent and relocatable modular structures. Our team can provide commercial, industrial, and residential solutions that range from concept to completion. Servicing Canada and the western US, our team provides turnkey solutions that take projects from permitting through to construction and completion service.

Our team has over 20 years of construction management experience, with a direct focus on modular construction over the past decade. We provide a variety of services designed to streamline the construction process. Raven Development Services offers clients a full stack service solution, beginning with the foundation, ensuring a quality end product that is on time and on budget.

Safety is a corner stone of Raven Development Services and the company is COR certified through the Alberta Construction Safety Association. Raven employs a full time Health and Safety Manager to ensure our rigorous safety protocols are followed and reported

Quality is paramount in every job Raven Development Services undertakes. Raven works closely with all project stakeholders from the manufacturer to the end user to ensure that scopes of work are clear and the project runs seamlessly. Care is taken throughout the project to ensure that the building envelope is protected from the elements during complexing and commissioning. The security of the building envelope is a primary concern of Raven Developments, and each project benefits from the care and attention paid to every detail, making sure the end user has a well-constructed building that will remain trouble free for years to come.


Rick Sutton

Business Administration

With over 25 years of International experience in the modular construction industry and 35 years of high-level management experience in North America and overseas, Rick is in charge of the day to day Business Administration of Raven Development Services Inc. Most recently as C.O.O. of a US based modular manufacturing company, Rick was responsible for all facets of the company including manufacturing, transportation, and site set-up of several major projects in the Los Angeles area and across the southwestern United States.

Joel Taylor

Field Operations

Joel has extensive construction experience gained over the last 17 years. Since starting in construction Joel has become a Journeyman carpenter, licensed home builder, general contractor and project manager. Joel has worked for several modular contractors over the last 10 years and has been responsible for set ups and commissioning of large modular oil field accommodations, modular affordable housing projects, old age facilities, and numerous residential modular home set ups.

Dylan Sutton

Business Development

Dylan has been involved with the modular building industry since 2010, most recently as a partner in the instrumentation company Data 4 Skynet. At Data 4, Dylan was responsible for the low voltage electrical systems in a broad variety of structures, both modular and site built. As well as managing multiple site crews, Dylan was also involved with the engineering and planning designs for the electrical systems and low voltage housing of the modular units. In addition to running on site projects Dylan was also responsible for the companies supply chain management and company marketing.